the Mind or the Body…


Thinking and Destiny; the catapult in my quest for answers.

Which came first?

On one side you have the body, the physical proof that we are who we are. Could you imagine yourself without it? Rather difficult to say the least. It’s what we’ve so thoroughly studied in the fields of biology and medicine. It’s the carrier of all the memories you’ve ever had, the pain you’ve ever endured, and all the joy you’ve ever felt. We’ve seen it grow right before our eyes, develop and change it’s form as time passes us by. There are those who don’t seem to age, however, and we make sure to express that opinion.

Then you have the mind. Has the consciousness that is you changed to same degree? Of course we amend our thoughts and beliefs over time, but anything drastic is unheard of. You’ve been you since you can remember.

I’m not here to say the mind is anymore you than the body it’s encapsulating. Just that there is a separation. With that same separation I ask, what is a mind without a body and vice-versa? We can’t remember the split second our body came into existence so a simultaneous creation seems unlikely. I personally don’t have any clear, vivid thoughts that predate my 4th or 5th birthday, and that’s pushing it.

Is it fair to say there wasn’t a mind quite yet? Or is it simply just a matter of being able to remember or not? Eh, I feel as if short cutting myself takes the fun out of things.


The Question of all Questions.


Everyday, I come into contact with many people. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, the gym, or at school, being immersed in our society is obviously something natural. But I question all of it. Every wave, every Hello, every second of eye contact. I can’t help but feel blessed to be a participant in this euphoria we call Life…life?

“What’s life?” It’s one of those questions that are either used in a playful manner or flat-out not given much thought. I see it differently however. I imagine an infant child gazing at their surroundings in complete awe, utter amazement. What else could they be thinking besides “What is this!?”

It’s our own individual universe. Yes, there’s an infinite array of space beyond our blue skies. Our own planet could even be mistaken as limitless, but what’s anything that we’re never aware of? From a forgotten thought to a consumed pastry miles away, it’s as if things not brought to our awareness are entirely nonexistent.

I could venture into how supposedly the shift of the ages that came along with 2012 has decreased the lag time between thought manifestation. If that’s too abstract, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich novel touches on how the power of one’s mind can control one’s physical circumstances. These notions, plus many others, have absolutely give risen to the ideas that we are the main characters of our conscious movie. I am the protagonist in this never-ending script. I have the power to see to it how it plays out. I control who and what plays a role and how that factors in.

It’s quite invigorating…

my Ebb and Flow


I remember my first post on WordPress as if one were to find a new territory and place a stake. A stake placed by me, allowing myself to take note of a turning point in my life. I began to see situations and circumstances as opportunities to not only acquire knowledge, but to also question their mere existence. It was riveting, resonating with me on a level I’ve never witnessed. Why let these days filled with abstract thoughts and ideas slip away? I didn’t.

Now here I am, having took months away, not even beginning to question why I was absent for so long.

I believe Life really does unravel as that of a wave. We all know the common notion of “life’s ups and downs” and Newton’s law of “every reaction having an equal and opposite reaction.” I understand, as I type this very sentence, that back then I was growing in certain areas, most of which revolved around consciousness. I feel as if I return now in a new light, having those ideas established to embark even deeper into this quest; one step closer to being able to ask the right questions.

the unexamined life is not worth living…

the Deep Thoughts of These Thoughts


The whole notion of consciousness baffles me. One of the most fundamental aspects to the human condition, yet one of the least understood. So I took my perspective and began to rationalize it myself.

It’s fair to say that consciousness is a widespread phenomena among all people of Earth. This is an obvious assumption of what is most likely many people, but it needed to be said to venture into my points. How would one compare the consciousness of an adolescent vs. an adult? Someone in the Oval Office vs. someone in a mental asylum? A Christian vs. a Muslim?

One could say that the beliefs, morals, values, and norms differ among these people but that the underlying consciousness in all of them is the same. One could say that if the underlying consciousnesses is identical  then how could any two lives deviate from one another?

That concept caused me ponder whether the consciousness is actually a fluctuating entity in people, having peaks and valleys throughout their corresponding lives, being able to take notice of the thoughts and emotions of a depressed Monday compared to an ecstatic Wednesday.

Does consciousness grow? Well, many believe meditation is a technique to expand one’s consciousness so indeed it could grow. But what comes with a broadened consciousness? A richer, deeper perspective, which can then be used in some sort of decision-making? Could that perceptual increase correlate to wisdom?

I believe where consciousness lies, is where the dreams lie and I believe this to be true due to the fact that it would be impossible for someone to follow my thoughts frame by frame. The TV-like screen projected in our psyche is where all thoughts take place and potentially where all dreams take place. Having drastically different thoughts is one reason why peoples lives are so different. Of course this is where thoughts tie back into everything of the physical world and how our 5 senses interpret that information 24/7. And this is what intrigues me.

The physical world is vast. Not only is it common to want to explore the physical world, it is subliminally a norm we follow by habit. Granted, the universe is infinite to our knowledge, we’re limited to this one planet. Our mind, however, isn’t.

Random Thoughts…


Akashic Records. Google it.

Search that up and you’ll discover something as abstract as this idea I’m about to explain.

I’m sure many of us have experienced those nights where we simply cannot fall asleep under any circumstances. The shutting of the eyes sometimes just isn’t sufficient enough. It is at this point where I began to break down the accustomed process we do almost religiously. Think.

Close your eyes and imagine anything. It’s as if you instantly went from where you were to another place in space and time. Just like that. Okay, pretty common. Now to present my idea, I need to briefly present another one.

Some people believe that beliefs shape their lives. “Think negative and negative things will happens.” “No need to be a pessimist.” It’s a recurrent idea as far as I can tell. Some people even take it a step further, saying all types of thoughts can manifest into our physical reality. Similar to the Law of Attraction.

So I put the two and two together, once again, abstractly. All of these images we visualize in our minds, what says they can’t be transferred from person to person? What says we can’t visualize other people’s thoughts? What says we can’t do all sorts of extraordinary feats with our minds? If beliefs are that powerful, that almighty, why is that a belief in any of those ideas all of a sudden becomes impossible?

Believe you can fly. Then jump off a cliff. Simple argument that I totally understand defeats anything I just said. But who knows? Beliefs are a very strong aspect of most people nowadays. That doesn’t mean everyone should turn into Professor X, but I wonder if there are limitations to what our minds can do if you seriously devote yourself.

Thanks for reading,


Mind, The Ontological Powerhouse


Do you know I’ve lived my whole life behind the images being displayed from my optic nerve? That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but I feel as it has been taken for granted. Whether its been attending a cinema, hanging out with friends, or going back for seconds, it’s always been the same point of view; mine.

With that being said, I began to ponder on well-known spiritual ideas. Ideas such as Karma. Essentially, what goes around comes around. There’s a similar notion presented in the Bible, the idea of Sowing Seeds. To me, they’re both projecting some sort of message about what IS going to happen in the future. Now, how can anyone tell the future? That sounds absurd… well, not exactly. Less popular beliefs, such as the Law of Attraction, exhibit the same traits, claiming that if one were to think of something, it will manifest due to ones thoughts interacting with the universe. Time and time again, I have come across these abstract thoughts through entirely different sources. I mean, what gives? There must be an underlying reason these examples all portray different styles of saying “you control your world.”

I believe those who have divulged into these types of thoughts might have an idea of where I’m coming from. No, I am not someone with too much time on their hands, nor am I someone who doesn’t have anything better to do than think. But I am someone who realizes, understands, and cherishes what the mind can do.

Inversed Logic


As I write this post, rest assured that these thoughts are entirely unpremeditated. It just so happens that I recently stumbled upon a question, what is the opposite of logic? Logic in terms of thinking logically; finding the crevices in situations, adopting different perspectives, etc. I don’t intend to take the easy road out by stating irrationality is the opposite, however, indeed it is. One wouldn’t live a life of irrationality willingly, at least I would hope not. Is it possible to live a just, prestigious life without the likes of logic? Is it possible behind the curtain of every mindset, logic is ultimately the ulterior motive? Is it possible that being logical has become the norm of the dominate western civilization, leaving those who believe otherwise out of the loop? Personally, I foresee myself reaching a fork in the road with many paths leading to a plethora of answers, all of which depend on the level of thought I put into them. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates