Infinitesimally Infinite



Time and time again, I notice how small we really are in the grand scheme of the universe. ‘Time and time again,’ of course, being a phrase to represent the time lapse between each separate but similar realization.

Do we know if any other creature has the ability to dream a dream, dream a reality, decide it’s what they want to experience, then subsequently set out on a path harboring its manifestation?

It’s utterly insane that our mind holds this power. I’ve personally seen it multiple times, however, the larger the dream, the longer the wait and the longer the desire needs to be focused on.

“I could really use a good laugh right about now.” That fruition will take one anywhere from 1 hour to 1 week.

“I can’t wait to own my own successful business.” Anywhere from months to years.

Regardless of which example chosen, the idea was planted in the mind and grown into a visual experience for our eyes to record for future references.

This portrays us as being extremely influential beings from our humanistic perspective. But at the same time, has not one human being expanded their thought into the realms of outer space (with all due respect to the great advances made in spaces voyages)? Are there really no other beings out there that we can communicate with? Are those manifestations due for a later date? With some goals being more achievable than others, should one only aim for short term accomplishments?

I hope not, but I do wonder…