my Ebb and Flow


I remember my first post on WordPress as if one were to find a new territory and place a stake. A stake placed by me, allowing myself to take note of a turning point in my life. I began to see situations and circumstances as opportunities to not only acquire knowledge, but to also question their mere existence. It was riveting, resonating with me on a level I’ve never witnessed. Why let these days filled with abstract thoughts and ideas slip away? I didn’t.

Now here I am, having took months away, not even beginning to question why I was absent for so long.

I believe Life really does unravel as that of a wave. We all know the common notion of “life’s ups and downs” and Newton’s law of “every reaction having an equal and opposite reaction.” I understand, as I type this very sentence, that back then I was growing in certain areas, most of which revolved around consciousness. I feel as if I return now in a new light, having those ideas established to embark even deeper into this quest; one step closer to being able to ask the right questions.

the unexamined life is not worth living…


Inversed Logic


As I write this post, rest assured that these thoughts are entirely unpremeditated. It just so happens that I recently stumbled upon a question, what is the opposite of logic? Logic in terms of thinking logically; finding the crevices in situations, adopting different perspectives, etc. I don’t intend to take the easy road out by stating irrationality is the opposite, however, indeed it is. One wouldn’t live a life of irrationality willingly, at least I would hope not. Is it possible to live a just, prestigious life without the likes of logic? Is it possible behind the curtain of every mindset, logic is ultimately the ulterior motive? Is it possible that being logical has become the norm of the dominate western civilization, leaving those who believe otherwise out of the loop? Personally, I foresee myself reaching a fork in the road with many paths leading to a plethora of answers, all of which depend on the level of thought I put into them. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates