the Mind or the Body…


Thinking and Destiny; the catapult in my quest for answers.

Which came first?

On one side you have the┬ábody, the physical proof that we are who we are. Could you imagine yourself without it? Rather difficult to say the least. It’s what we’ve so thoroughly studied in the fields of biology and medicine. It’s the carrier of all the memories you’ve ever had, the pain you’ve ever endured, and all the joy you’ve ever felt. We’ve seen it grow right before our eyes, develop and change it’s form as time passes us by. There are those who don’t seem to age, however, and we make sure to express that opinion.

Then you have the mind. Has the consciousness that is you changed to same degree? Of course we amend our thoughts and beliefs over time, but anything drastic is unheard of. You’ve been you since you can remember.

I’m not here to say the mind is anymore you than the body it’s encapsulating. Just that there is a separation. With that same separation I ask, what is a mind without a body and vice-versa? We can’t remember the split second our body came into existence so a simultaneous creation seems unlikely. I personally don’t have any clear, vivid thoughts that predate my 4th or 5th birthday, and that’s pushing it.

Is it fair to say there wasn’t a mind quite yet? Or is it simply just a matter of being able to remember or not? Eh, I feel as if short cutting myself takes the fun out of things.