The Question of all Questions.


Everyday, I come into contact with many people. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, the gym, or at school, being immersed in our society is obviously something natural. But I question all of it. Every wave, every Hello, every second of eye contact. I can’t help but feel blessed to be a participant in this euphoria we call Life…life?

“What’s life?” It’s one of those questions that are either used in a playful manner or flat-out not given much thought. I see it differently however. I imagine an infant child gazing at their surroundings in complete awe, utter amazement. What else could they be thinking besides “What is this!?”

It’s our own individual universe. Yes, there’s an infinite array of space beyond our blue skies. Our own planet could even be mistaken as limitless, but what’s anything that we’re never aware of? From a forgotten thought to a consumed pastry miles away, it’s as if things not brought to our awareness are entirely nonexistent.

I could venture into how supposedly the shift of the ages that came along with 2012 has decreased the lag time between thought manifestation. If that’s too abstract, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich novel touches on how the power of one’s mind can control one’s physical circumstances. These notions, plus many others, have absolutely give risen to the ideas that we are the main characters of our conscious movie. I am the protagonist in this never-ending script. I have the power to see to it how it plays out. I control who and what plays a role and how that factors in.

It’s quite invigorating…


Random Thoughts…


Akashic Records. Google it.

Search that up and you’ll discover something as abstract as this idea I’m about to explain.

I’m sure many of us have experienced those nights where we simply cannot fall asleep under any circumstances. The shutting of the eyes sometimes just isn’t sufficient enough. It is at this point where I began to break down the accustomed process we do almost religiously. Think.

Close your eyes and imagine anything. It’s as if you instantly went from where you were to another place in space and time. Just like that. Okay, pretty common. Now to present my idea, I need to briefly present another one.

Some people believe that beliefs shape their lives. “Think negative and negative things will happens.” “No need to be a pessimist.” It’s a recurrent idea as far as I can tell. Some people even take it a step further, saying all types of thoughts can manifest into our physical reality. Similar to the Law of Attraction.

So I put the two and two together, once again, abstractly. All of these images we visualize in our minds, what says they can’t be transferred from person to person? What says we can’t visualize other people’s thoughts? What says we can’t do all sorts of extraordinary feats with our minds? If beliefs are that powerful, that almighty, why is that a belief in any of those ideas all of a sudden becomes impossible?

Believe you can fly. Then jump off a cliff. Simple argument that I totally understand defeats anything I just said. But who knows? Beliefs are a very strong aspect of most people nowadays. That doesn’t mean everyone should turn into Professor X, but I wonder if there are limitations to what our minds can do if you seriously devote yourself.

Thanks for reading,