The Field


In the grand scheme of the universe, you could imagine everything from the stars to the moons, as an endless stream of of tightly packed particles. We all know most of those particles are composed of their nucleus and it’s electron cloud. You also have other particles, whether it be your photons, quarks, or gauge bosons. It’s shocking how matter is 99% empty space.

Now imagine the matrix data stream, and those numbers representing the chances of an electrons being found in any given space. That essentially is our universe. How we are so comfortably capable to process the sea of probability into the continual images we call life is absolutely stunning. And how we are capable of the possessing an awareness while viewing the paradigm is just as remarkable.

It seems that our mind is doing a simple task creating the world we live in, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve read one study that eludes to our concept of reality. It explains how no matter how extreme the chaos,  which is the matrix field, patterns are always created. Our brain uses the created patterns from every instance of our reality to create an illusion of a time-based perception. Each individual instant is essentially independent of one another, but we wouldn’t be able to rationalize that as a living species.

So what gives? The progress made in answering these vital questions is outstanding. The knowledge of the physical world has been understood to a T. That’s why we are able to plaster landscapes with massive skyscrapers, dominating the land more so than any other creature. Imagine if we were able to control all aspects of our mind with the same accuracy. Is that meditation? Is this turning into a concept of spirituality? Biocentrism should provide some insight, a book I really need to get around too.



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My perception of the Universe


It’s not only ridiculous how massive the universe is, but it’s also shocking how some of us don’t believe in extra-terrestrials. Probably not the most inviting way to introduce an article, mentioning aliens and all.

Imagine our solar system, a mere spec in the grand scheme of our galaxy. To most people however, it’s essentially all there is to be concerned with. Now take that image of our “huge” solar system being lost in the vastness of our milky way, and apply it to the fact that the milky way has the same correlation to the billions of other galaxies.

That should blow your mind. Especially when you think about how little we have traveled into the entire realm of the universe. How could we expect aliens to “interact” with us, when we’ve barely made it out ourselves?

Thinking about how big the universe is, it’s not crazy to believe that other beings out there could be having as hard of a time as us. Some could have made great progress. There’s no reason to believe that God is only here for our planet. With all due respect to the Bible, that’s our interpretation of specific events. I believe God created many Earths, each with new beginnings described in their own way.

When I see all the turmoil in the world today, it’s easy to see why we gave up on NASA. People today are to worried about wars, taxes, and bills. I understand, it’s the reality we live in and there’s no way around it. But it’s depressing when looked upon in a broadened view. There is absolutely no harmony in our race, and being someone who never engages in conflict, I can’t figure out why. We’re only holding ourselves back. Most people have the friends and jobs to keep them preoccupied, and outside events become irrelevant to them. Those irrelevancies, in my eyes, cause dissonance. And by most, I’m eluding to those residing in our so-called mighty country. America. So many other countries shouldn’t have millions upon millions of people either poor or in poverty.

Reading over the post, I noticed I didn’t provide much information or any cold hard facts. I hoped just sharing my ideas could ignite something inside of you.



Random Thoughts…


Akashic Records. Google it.

Search that up and you’ll discover something as abstract as this idea I’m about to explain.

I’m sure many of us have experienced those nights where we simply cannot fall asleep under any circumstances. The shutting of the eyes sometimes just isn’t sufficient enough. It is at this point where I began to break down the accustomed process we do almost religiously. Think.

Close your eyes and imagine anything. It’s as if you instantly went from where you were to another place in space and time. Just like that. Okay, pretty common. Now to present my idea, I need to briefly present another one.

Some people believe that beliefs shape their lives. “Think negative and negative things will happens.” “No need to be a pessimist.” It’s a recurrent idea as far as I can tell. Some people even take it a step further, saying all types of thoughts can manifest into our physical reality. Similar to the Law of Attraction.

So I put the two and two together, once again, abstractly. All of these images we visualize in our minds, what says they can’t be transferred from person to person? What says we can’t visualize other people’s thoughts? What says we can’t do all sorts of extraordinary feats with our minds? If beliefs are that powerful, that almighty, why is that a belief in any of those ideas all of a sudden becomes impossible?

Believe you can fly. Then jump off a cliff. Simple argument that I totally understand defeats anything I just said. But who knows? Beliefs are a very strong aspect of most people nowadays. That doesn’t mean everyone should turn into Professor X, but I wonder if there are limitations to what our minds can do if you seriously devote yourself.

Thanks for reading,


The Missing Piece. Consciousness.


Consciousness. One word that holds enormous value. Over the years, I slowly began to realize that the idea of consciousness is probably the most fundamental aspect in life itself.  It just so happens it is also the least understood, and that is the motivation behind why I will continue to delve into the idea of consciousness.

Attending the basic high school and college science classes, you begin to notice the redundancy of a few names. Newton, Einstein, Darwin. The deeper into science you travel, names such as Bohr, Schrodinger, and Heisenberg become recurrent. All revolutionary scientists, shaping the their respective fields, and leaving their marks in history. I would, however, like to point out that each of them hypothesized and conducted on matters of the outside world. Although, Darwin could be a fair argument.

Now don’t get me wrong. There has been great strides in the field of neuroscience. Back in 2007, Robert Lanza proposed the concept of Biocentrism. This definition should provide the gist. The theory espouses that biology is the central driving science in the universe, and sees an understanding of the other sciences as reliant on a deeper understanding of biology. Biocentrism states that life and biology are central to being, reality, and the cosmos — life creates the universe rather than the other way around. It asserts that current theories of the physical world do not work, and can never be made to work, until they fully account for life and consciousness.

Disclaimer: I intend to read Lanza’s book, dubbed Biocentrism.

Other scientists believe the theory is incomplete, which indeed it is as it only presents extremely abstract ideas. I sometimes ask myself this question. What is it to be a conscious? Is it self-awareness? Knowing that you are you? Well, it appears as if that consciousness led us down a path not at all concerned with why things are this way.

It baffles me how the most notable scientists aren’t those who have made significant steps in the understanding of our own species. Humans. String theory is relatively popular in terms of describing the makeup of universal building blocks beyond the subatomic level, but will a full understanding of this allow us to grasp consciousness? I’ve heard it’s too complex a subject. Then I think about the Supercollider and say to myself, “Rubbish.”


Mind, The Ontological Powerhouse


Do you know I’ve lived my whole life behind the images being displayed from my optic nerve? That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but I feel as it has been taken for granted. Whether its been attending a cinema, hanging out with friends, or going back for seconds, it’s always been the same point of view; mine.

With that being said, I began to ponder on well-known spiritual ideas. Ideas such as Karma. Essentially, what goes around comes around. There’s a similar notion presented in the Bible, the idea of Sowing Seeds. To me, they’re both projecting some sort of message about what IS going to happen in the future. Now, how can anyone tell the future? That sounds absurd… well, not exactly. Less popular beliefs, such as the Law of Attraction, exhibit the same traits, claiming that if one were to think of something, it will manifest due to ones thoughts interacting with the universe. Time and time again, I have come across these abstract thoughts through entirely different sources. I mean, what gives? There must be an underlying reason these examples all portray different styles of saying “you control your world.”

I believe those who have divulged into these types of thoughts might have an idea of where I’m coming from. No, I am not someone with too much time on their hands, nor am I someone who doesn’t have anything better to do than think. But I am someone who realizes, understands, and cherishes what the mind can do.

It’s only Constructive Criticism..


You never truly know whether someone is chastising you or simply dishing out a heaping plate of constructive criticism, however, no matter how sugar coated or ridicule ridden their message is, it will always come down to the listener and how  they deciphered it.

So with that quick notion, let me state that derogatory insults and slurs are issues that should be handled in a different matter.

More often then not, the idea of constructive criticism brings along not only the assistance in improving but also hard feelings and animosity. What is it about receiving constructive criticism that irks people? It could have to do with that our bosses, professors  and teachers are the ones to be critical of our wrongdoings, based solely on the fact their “experts” in their respective fields. That leaves friends and family to be supportive of our work,  cheering us on as we blunder to the finish line.

It is a shame people take opinions for granted. Miniature sized monologues composed of someones convoluted perspective spoon fed to us. Why not be accepting of that? Being in your own head with whatever subject you have been devoted to, it appears as if the criticism could go a long way if taken with an open mind.

It was once said that accommodating new information that was once oblivious to you forces your mind to experience a perceptual upgrade; a perceptual expansion to your mental schemata.

A Dramatic Paradigm


I wouldn’t call myself a dramatic person. Why’s that, you might ask. Well, imagine someone you know for a fact who isn’t dramatic. Then dial it down a notch or two… Hello, nice to meet you.

Now, this wasn’t a decision I made one day out of the blue. It was more of a collective assessment of an agreement made within myself. One’s whose conclusion revolves around one central idea, acceptance. Is it safe to say a life convoluted in drama is one that is constantly in resistance? No matter the situation, the subject was presented with news, ideas, thoughts, from an outside source and proceeded to refute.

This can branch off into an infinite amount of instances, however, I believe the type of drama I am eluding to are the sorts of drama with probable resolutions. Deaths and events that cause turmoil are aspects that I will not touch on. The event took place and the toll was taken, God Bless as those resolutions are not obtainable by the likes of mere men.

This is a touchy subject because drama isn’t specific to anything in particular. Whether it’s relationships or within the workplace and family, drama can take many forms. But it stills come back to my central idea. Will you accept it or resist it?

I view acceptance as simply being open-minded, something I will touch on in due time.