A Time to Recollect

The Trayvon Martin case has been spreading like wildfire across the nation. Some people might even read my first sentence and be discouraged to continue reading. I understand. Around every corner is another opinion, another racial comment, another ignorant statement, another idea that these ideas themselves are the problem. I am not a fan of death, no one is. But I say that to point out that I avoid the discussion of these serious matters at all costs, hide my feelings from people for some reason. And with this situation, I found an opportunity to not only discover something about myself and formulate my own opinion on all this, but to also pay respect to Trayvon. 

I began by telling myself that I will never know what happened that night. Should that cause me to begin to delve into all the evidence presented during the trial? No. I’m not part of the jury… 

This then leads me to say “Well, what could I possibly have to say?” Any possible path I began to take regarding this subject would end with me asking a million and one questions about that night. But I can say this:

This case should have not gained the “popularity” it did. I believe losing a loved one is already hard enough, but instantly being put into the national spotlight at the same time is something not many of us can say we’ve experienced. 

Some might say people die everyday and their not recognized, fought for, or treated equally, which is why the explosion of this case could of offended some people. Sadly, I will not dwell over this loss as long as Trayvon’s family because I have to continue on achieving my goals and aspirations but I will send my prayers his way for the foreseeable future. It’s the least I could do from my nonexistent position. The decision was made and it appears to be final. 

All in all, that’s all I can say about this. No matter what happened, is happening, or will happen, I can just send my prayers to those in need. Thanks for reading.