The Field


In the grand scheme of the universe, you could imagine everything from the stars to the moons, as an endless stream of of tightly packed particles. We all know most of those particles are composed of their nucleus and it’s electron cloud. You also have other particles, whether it be your photons, quarks, or gauge bosons. It’s shocking how matter is 99% empty space.

Now imagine the matrix data stream, and those numbers representing the chances of an electrons being found in any given space. That essentially is our universe. How we are so comfortably capable to process the sea of probability into the continual images we call life is absolutely stunning. And how we are capable of the possessing an awareness while viewing the paradigm is just as remarkable.

It seems that our mind is doing a simple task creating the world we live in, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve read one study that eludes to our concept of reality. It explains how no matter how extreme the chaos,  which is the matrix field, patterns are always created. Our brain uses the created patterns from every instance of our reality to create an illusion of a time-based perception. Each individual instant is essentially independent of one another, but we wouldn’t be able to rationalize that as a living species.

So what gives? The progress made in answering these vital questions is outstanding. The knowledge of the physical world has been understood to a T. That’s why we are able to plaster landscapes with massive skyscrapers, dominating the land more so than any other creature. Imagine if we were able to control all aspects of our mind with the same accuracy. Is that meditation? Is this turning into a concept of spirituality? Biocentrism should provide some insight, a book I really need to get around too.



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3 thoughts on “The Field

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  2. I must say you are very, for lack of a better word, educated in this field without having read the book which I am now going to buy today. You are very insightful, you use your words well, great post.

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