My perception of the Universe


It’s not only ridiculous how massive the universe is, but it’s also shocking how some of us don’t believe in extra-terrestrials. Probably not the most inviting way to introduce an article, mentioning aliens and all.

Imagine our solar system, a mere spec in the grand scheme of our galaxy. To most people however, it’s essentially all there is to be concerned with. Now take that image of our “huge” solar system being lost in the vastness of our milky way, and apply it to the fact that the milky way has the same correlation to the billions of other galaxies.

That should blow your mind. Especially when you think about how little we have traveled into the entire realm of the universe. How could we expect aliens to “interact” with us, when we’ve barely made it out ourselves?

Thinking about how big the universe is, it’s not crazy to believe that other beings out there could be having as hard of a time as us. Some could have made great progress. There’s no reason to believe that God is only here for our planet. With all due respect to the Bible, that’s our interpretation of specific events. I believe God created many Earths, each with new beginnings described in their own way.

When I see all the turmoil in the world today, it’s easy to see why we gave up on NASA. People today are to worried about wars, taxes, and bills. I understand, it’s the reality we live in and there’s no way around it. But it’s depressing when looked upon in a broadened view. There is absolutely no harmony in our race, and being someone who never engages in conflict, I can’t figure out why. We’re only holding ourselves back. Most people have the friends and jobs to keep them preoccupied, and outside events become irrelevant to them. Those irrelevancies, in my eyes, cause dissonance. And by most, I’m eluding to those residing in our so-called mighty country. America. So many other countries shouldn’t have millions upon millions of people either poor or in poverty.

Reading over the post, I noticed I didn’t provide much information or any cold hard facts. I hoped just sharing my ideas could ignite something inside of you.




3 thoughts on “My perception of the Universe

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