It’s only Constructive Criticism..


You never truly know whether someone is chastising you or simply dishing out a heaping plate of constructive criticism, however, no matter how sugar coated or ridicule ridden their message is, it will always come down to the listener and how  they deciphered it.

So with that quick notion, let me state that derogatory insults and slurs are issues that should be handled in a different matter.

More often then not, the idea of constructive criticism brings along not only the assistance in improving but also hard feelings and animosity. What is it about receiving constructive criticism that irks people? It could have to do with that our bosses, professors  and teachers are the ones to be critical of our wrongdoings, based solely on the fact their “experts” in their respective fields. That leaves friends and family to be supportive of our work,  cheering us on as we blunder to the finish line.

It is a shame people take opinions for granted. Miniature sized monologues composed of someones convoluted perspective spoon fed to us. Why not be accepting of that? Being in your own head with whatever subject you have been devoted to, it appears as if the criticism could go a long way if taken with an open mind.

It was once said that accommodating new information that was once oblivious to you forces your mind to experience a perceptual upgrade; a perceptual expansion to your mental schemata.


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