A Dramatic Paradigm


I wouldn’t call myself a dramatic person. Why’s that, you might ask. Well, imagine someone you know for a fact who isn’t dramatic. Then dial it down a notch or two… Hello, nice to meet you.

Now, this wasn’t a decision I made one day out of the blue. It was more of a collective assessment of an agreement made within myself. One’s whose conclusion revolves around one central idea, acceptance. Is it safe to say a life convoluted in drama is one that is constantly in resistance? No matter the situation, the subject was presented with news, ideas, thoughts, from an outside source and proceeded to refute.

This can branch off into an infinite amount of instances, however, I believe the type of drama I am eluding to are the sorts of drama with probable resolutions. Deaths and events that cause turmoil are aspects that I will not touch on. The event took place and the toll was taken, God Bless as those resolutions are not obtainable by the likes of mere men.

This is a touchy subject because drama isn’t specific to anything in particular. Whether it’s relationships or within the workplace and family, drama can take many forms. But it stills come back to my central idea. Will you accept it or resist it?

I view acceptance as simply being open-minded, something I will touch on in due time.


Clash of Perspectives


I believe it’s safe to say arguing is simply a Clash of Perspectives. Whether it’s Piers Morgan and his guest or a friend and I, opposing views are always colliding. There must be an urge buried deep within the human condition that allows, even forces us to express our difference of opinions to the point where it’s absolutely evident we aren’t as similar as we appear to be. Obviously, two arms, two legs, hair, all the basics of our biological structure are widespread but how far do those similarities travel? From my point of view, the mind is the most essential aspect of all human beings alongside the heart. But never will you find two brains comprised of the exact same assortment of neural connections. Why is that so, our upbringing? Well that could be true, although life through the eyes of an adolescence might not the most reliable outlook. Could it be our interests? As one veers to surround themselves with things of their liking, mentalities and beliefs are subject to change. But that doesn’t explain how two people of the same religion enjoy the same hobbies and don’t see eye to eye on politics. Those of you reading probably found many reasons to clash with my perspective, but what else is new?

Inversed Logic


As I write this post, rest assured that these thoughts are entirely unpremeditated. It just so happens that I recently stumbled upon a question, what is the opposite of logic? Logic in terms of thinking logically; finding the crevices in situations, adopting different perspectives, etc. I don’t intend to take the easy road out by stating irrationality is the opposite, however, indeed it is. One wouldn’t live a life of irrationality willingly, at least I would hope not. Is it possible to live a just, prestigious life without the likes of logic? Is it possible behind the curtain of every mindset, logic is ultimately the ulterior motive? Is it possible that being logical has become the norm of the dominate western civilization, leaving those who believe otherwise out of the loop? Personally, I foresee myself reaching a fork in the road with many paths leading to a plethora of answers, all of which depend on the level of thought I put into them. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates



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